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If you don’t see Adwords visits in Analytics

You made an Adwords campaign and you are getting clicks to website. You see that clearly in Adwords statistics. But in Google Analytics you don’t see that visits. Big possibility is that those visits are counted as organic or direct (or even as referral, some unknown source).

Try this solution. Log in your Adwords account. Go to overview. In left menu, go to Settings and then to Account Settings tab. See what’s written next to „Auto-tagging“, Yes or No. If it’s “no”, click on it so you get drop-down. Check the box next to „Tag the URL that people click through from my ad“. Go to Save.

Now you should see Adwords visits clearly distinguished. In Source/Medium that will be “Google-CPC”. Also, you will get „Paid traffic“ in segments, for tracking and analysing.

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