Advanced SEO optimization



SEO strategists in our team have 7 to 15 years of experience in optimization for Google. Brainstorming process in our agency is not like average at all. What we know, can’t be learned in any SEO course.

Sixth sense for SEO

In years of practical experience, our experts developed some kind of sixth sense for SEO. We often predict future Google algorithm changes and implement what’s needed in advance. Of course, we can’t know when Google will use some of that and if they will, but we feel strongly what they might implement in algorithm. It’s extremely rare when they surprise us with some new ranking factor we didn’t predicted.

Not usual tactics

Through the working process, we use some necessary work which includes mostly technical part of SEO so Google understand better what are your main products or services, to visit your website more often, etc. Our coders are great in that. But also, usual tactics for link building are not what we consider valuable. We think of original ways to make others link to you and to make Google consider you as authority, trustable and expert in your field.

"Today, to be good in SEO is not enough. You have to be excellent!"
Aleksandar Ratkovic
Neparno 10 founder

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