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We are in charge for  Akademija Oxford SEO since 2014. In 8 years, daily website visit, just Google organic, went up 3000%. When we started, they have 3 locations and now they are on 46 locations and they became the biggest foreign language school and translating agency in Serbia.

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When Limousine Service came to us as new client, they had about 200 visits from Google organic search a week. Website is on english but company who own it is from Switzerland. For majority of keywords that could bring traffic, they wasn’t on Google SERP at all. So we started with SEO. We noticed lot of issues on website, from pages hierarchy, to duplicated content. It was a big work to sort all out but after just on-site work, after 3 months, we managed to increase organic visits by 100%. Website started showing in Google web results for lot more keywords than before. Lot of work on SEO for this client in future, too, but we expect another big jump in visits in next several months, too.

Linea Milanovic

We do organic SEO but also image SEO for this client, who is in modern furniture design industry. Their niche is specific so lot of potential customers are looking at Google image search first, and then then visit website when they find some interesting piece of furniture.

We achieved that they have at least one image in top 3 for all targeted keywords. In more than 50% of that searches, they have 2 or 3 images in top 5. Also, in 70% of cases, Google image search suggest their brend as “suggested term to search”. 

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Private highschool

Private high school, client who we do SEO for several years already. If we compare organic visits this year with previous year, there is a 112% growth. Last year they had 117.000 visitors in 3 months and now it is 248.000.


SEO optimization for psychotherapist. In around 2 years, we raised website targeted visits from 200 up to 800 daily. Terms mostly related to anxiety and depresion. We reached top 3 positions for all keywords we targeted.

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