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Shorter long tail queries – examples

There is a term “long tail query” or “long tail keyword” that is used in SEO optimization. But there are lot of people in SEO industry who use it on wrong way. Does long tail query have to contain more words? In fact, no. Long tail can be even shorter than main keyword or main, starting query.

Here is what Will Critchlow says about it:

Long tail queries are so named because they fall in the long tail of the demand curve of search queries. They are *low search volume* queries regardless of length.

Will Critchlow, founder and CEO of Distilled

Maybe that sounds weird for someone. But here are several examples of shorter long tail queries.

Main query – Lawyers in Great Britain

Long tail queries – Lawyers Brighton, Lawyers Cambridge, Lawyers Cardiff.

Main query – Used Range Rover

Long tail queries – Used Evoque, Used Velar, Used L405.

Main query – Seafood dishes recipes

Long tail queries – Caldeirada recipes, kakavia recipes, …

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