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How long can you register domain name for?

Companies register their website domain usually for 1 year. And after that period, they renew it. But for some it’s easier to register domain for everal years at once and not to think about it every each year. They do that once in 2, 3, 5 or even on 10 years. If you are one of that people, first question that will come on your mind is “how long I can register domain name for”.

The answer on this question is, as usual – depends. It depends on type of domain you want to register. Or to be precise, depends on TLD or ccTLD. If that is .com, org or net, it’s 10 years in advance. Same goes for most of country code top level domans, too. But there are countries who do not allow registering domain names on that long period.

For instance, you can register Danish web domain (.dk) for maximum 5 years.

German .de for 2 years.

And this few countries allowing registration for only one year:
Belgium .be
Lithuania .lt
Netherlands .nl
Austria .at
Latvia .lv

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