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Internal links tip for Kartra SEO

You have a website made in Kartra. And of course, your website have several pages. As you already know, internal linking is very important for SEO optimisation.

Kartra have 2 main ways to make internal link. And the way how they offered the choices, is usually leading you to make SEO mistake.

When you want to make a link on some of your Kartra pages, you will see 2 possibilities:

  • Link to another Kartra page
  • Link to external custom URL.

If you are making a link to another page on your website (internal link), it’s normal you will select 1st choice. But when you do that, actual link in HTML will not be pointed to yoursite . com / page
but to something like yoursite . com / front/domain_validation?step=1&domain=.kartra . com&url = https :// yourdomain …
and that will be redirected to actual page URL. So you are loosing in SEO regarding direct internal linking.

So, the trick is, regardless you are making the link to another page on your website, to choose “Link to external custom URL”, and to paste actual URL there. That way you are escaping too many redirections and, what’s more important, there will be real URL in HTML.

If you want to read more regarding Kartra SEO, you can read our previous blog post “How to add rel canonical tag on Kartra page“.

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