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Difference between project manger and account manager in an SEO agency

In an SEO agency, the roles of a Project Manager and an Account Manager are distinct, each contributing to the overall success of client projects in different ways. Let’s explore the key differences between these two roles:

Project Manager in SEO agency:

1. Focus on Execution:

  • The primary responsibility of a Project Manager is to ensure the successful execution of the SEO strategy and tasks outlined in the project plan.

2. Internal Coordination:

  • Project Managers focus on internal team coordination, ensuring that tasks are assigned, deadlines are met, and the project progresses according to the established plan.

3. Task-Oriented:

  • Their role is task-oriented, focusing on the specific activities required to achieve project goals. This includes coordinating efforts among team members, overseeing timelines, and managing resources.

4. Problem Solving:

  • Project Managers are often involved in troubleshooting and problem-solving within the team, addressing challenges that may arise during the execution of the project.

5. Data Analysis for Optimization:

  • They engage in data analysis to evaluate project performance, making data-driven decisions to optimize strategies and improve outcomes.

Account Manager in SEO agency:

1. Client-Facing:

  • An Account Manager primarily serves as the point of contact between the agency and the client. They are client-facing and work to understand the client’s goals, needs, and expectations.

2. Client Relationship Building:

  • Account Managers focus on building and nurturing strong client relationships. They understand the client’s business objectives and work to align agency services with those goals.

3. Strategic Consultation:

  • Account Managers provide strategic consultation to clients, offering insights and recommendations on how the agency’s services can best meet the client’s business objectives.

4. Communication and Reporting:

  • They handle communication with the client, providing regular updates, progress reports, and addressing any client concerns. Clear communication is a key aspect of their role.

5. Budget Management:

  • Account Managers often manage the financial aspect of the client relationship, handling budgets, invoicing, and ensuring that services are delivered within agreed-upon financial parameters.


  • Project Managers and Account Managers collaborate:
    • While Project Managers focus on internal execution, Account Managers collaborate with them to ensure that client expectations are met. This collaboration ensures a seamless flow of information between the agency’s internal operations and the client’s needs.
  • Holistic Project Management:
    • In many cases, both roles collaborate to provide holistic project management. While the Project Manager ensures the successful execution of tasks, the Account Manager ensures that the client is satisfied, informed, and sees value in the agency’s services.

In summary, the Project Manager and Account Manager roles in an SEO agency complement each other, with the Project Manager focusing on internal execution and the Account Manager concentrating on client relationships, strategy alignment, and overall client satisfaction.

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