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How to rank WP plugin on

One specific SEO optimization perspective is to rank not just websites on search engines but apps, templates or whatever in specific directories, websites, etc. One of that situations is ranking WP plugins on Every plugin developer who submited plugin on wordpress website have that on mind. It’s good to be on top when someone search keyword related to what plugin is made for. For instance, if plugin is doing something related to image compression, when someone search for “image compression” on WordPress website plugin directory, your plugin should be near top, if not first. Here is what influence on that, what WordPress probably have in it’s ranking algorithm.

WP plugin SEO


Of course, main keywords we want to rank for, have to be placed in title, description and as a tag. This is basics.

Tested up to

Test your plugin as soon as WP release new version. And updated that data. Plugin which is not tested with new WO yet, can get negative ranking points.


Translate plugin to few main languages. That can bust it’s SEO.

Support forum

Answer to pelople in plugin support forum regularly. Try to fix issues they have. Number of resolved issues is important, too. On the other hand, number of unanswered questions can influence negatively.


Reviews and ratings is important part of algo. You have to figure out innovative ways to make users to leave positive review.

How old is plugin

Older the better. Of course, if author is active and if it’s updated regularly. But that’s already another item.

Regular update

If you make and upload plugin but you don’t update it for year or two, don’t expect to be in top of search. Make some update from time to time, move on from 1.0.

Number of downloads

Another bad news for new plugins. More downlaods, better positions in directory. Do marketing for the plugin. In start, you can’t expect lot of users just like that, by search. You will get in that situation later, after some initial downloads.

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