What is Laravel?

Laravel is PHP framework. It is not programming language, nor script language for web coding, web design. Websites made in Laravel are in fact made in PHP. Laravel is just framework where coding is happening in. 

Idea for Laravel came from Taylor Otwell and he released first version back in 2011. Before that, PHP websites were usualy made in CodeIgniter, and Laravel should be upgraded version of CodeIgniter, easier to use and with more functions. 

It can be harder to make changes, update content on a website made with Laravel if you didn’t worked before in this framework. Of course, you need to know PHP, as well as HTML and CSS but also you will need to be familiar with Laravel surrounding, too. 

Our agency team have lot of websites made in Laravel in the portfolio and even more that kind of websites which we maintain, where we add new content, text, images and everything clients need. We have big experience and expertise, so if you need our services we will be glad to help you. Just contact us

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Beside making, maintaining and making chanes on Laravel websites, our agency is also offering services of SEO optimization for Laravel websites. Since SEO and PHP are big passion for our team members, we are excellent in that.
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