The pandemic has affected the world’s economy and has made a big impact on businesses. This especially refers to tourism, events, food, fashion and other industries as well. 

To be able to survive the effects of the pandemic, a lot businesses relied on their online presence. As physical shops were closed, many of them opted to focus on their online shops or redesigned their website to be more tailored to their consumers needs and to be a better representation of their business. The pandemic has given business owners a chance to focus on their brand and the awareness of the people on the internet with their products. 

Needless to say, having poor or zero online presence can extremely hurt the business and leave you behind your competitors. It is also during this time that business owners realize how much their business needs a good website. However, it is also during this time when small and medium sized entrepreneurs are looking to cut down on expenses to survive. We do understand the struggle of making ends meet during this pandemic. But at the same time, we do recommend to invest in a good and user-friendly website which we can benefit your company in the long run.

Solution - Installment payment plan for website design

As a solution, we decided to offer website development to be paid in installments. 


The first installment is paid at the beginning of the work on your site.


The second installment, once the site is completed and live. 


The third installment is paid a month after your site was live


And the fourth installment two (2) months after your site was live. 

The development of your website can take from about a month or more depending on your requirements. The average cost of our service for simple website development ranges from $500 to $700 and can depend of the details of your requirements. 

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