SEO for percentage of sales

We are getting that kind of offers from time to time. To do SEO optimization for client, just not to be payed monthly but to get percentage of sales. If your question is do we do that, the answer is – it depends. We do in some cases. What situation can be suitable for that kind of contract?

You have e-shop or some similar business model

That is a sign we might consider doing SEO for percentage because we can track sales easy. If buyers have to order your product or service by website and there is a track of sales recorded in some CMS or other kind of admin panel, that is great.

SEO percentage of sales

Your company have some history

SEO for sales

If you are new in business, it’s harder to make arrangement. No offence, but we are more confident to invest our time and money in doing business with already established business. If you exists at least few years, even just offline and recently you started online, you are welcome to contact us and offer percentage of sales for our SEO services.

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