What is Linkedin Company Page?

Linkedin Company Page have similar concept as facebook Page for firm. In essence, it have “about us” info and it should be managed similar as FB page (text content, image, videos, …). You can post a job opening on your page and it’s good choice because of lot of professionals looking for a job on this social network. Also, good choice is to publish company news, interesting stuff from niche your business is in.

Why it is important for your firm to have an active Linkedin company page?

Your potentional buyers and clients are on Linkedin. This is especially important if you are in B2B (business to business), if other firms are your clients.

Your colleagues who have Linkedin profile can edit firm they work for in their profile and you will get link to your company page automatically. Visibility will be bigger and their contacts will see every update from your company each time your worker interact with it.

Big plus is also for SEO optimization. Google like companies which are active on Linkedin and it sees firm as more serious if page is well and regularly maintained. 

Linkedin page management

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Linkedin managenet statistics
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